Event Location

The race HQ will be at Kielder Castle Forest Park Centre, Kielder, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1ER.

Event Entry Fees

  • £45 per individual rider for Kielder 101
  • £35 per rider for Kielder Border Challenge

EVENT Includes;

  • Fully signed route
  • Water, feed stations and post event hot food included
  • Drop bag transport for 101km route
  • Mechanical support at points on the course
  • Medical Cover
  • On-site catering for purchase of a range of food/drinks
  • Prizes for all race categories (Kielder 101 only) and spot prizes for both events
  • SAG wagon for 101km route
  • Electronic timing and online results with splits
  • Bike Shop and repair facilities on site
  • Bike Wash Facilities

Rider Classes

Kielder 101

  • Junior (16-18) – Male/Female
  • Senior (19-39) – Male/Female
  • Veterans (40+) – Male/Female
  • Singlespeed – Male/Female

*Categories will need 5 entrants minimum to be considered.  Alternately some classes may be combined.

Kielder Border Challenge

  • Male and Female Age Categories only

Accomodation & Parking

We recommend that you be prepared and make any accommodation arrangements early. 

Kielder Campsite

Please book directly with Kielder Campsite HERE.

Alternate Accommodation

The Kielder and Newcastleton Area has a wealth of accommodation options from budget bunkhouses to luxury B&B/hotels. The local tourist offices will be happy to help: Tourist Information Centre, The Heritage Centre, Hillside, Bellingham. Tel: 01434 220616 Kielder Forest is in a remote area with limited facilities and accommodation is likely to be taken up quickly by competitors at this busy time of year.

Car Parking

For those who are not staying onsite, parking on the day at the castle is £5:00 paid via the Forestry Commission machines or on site staff.


Friday 15th September 2017

  • The campsite will be open to riders from midday
  • Registration is on Friday and will open at 1630hrs until 2130hrs
  • Mechanical support available at the event centre
  • Food available to purchase at the Duke’s Pantry or Angler’s Arms on site
  • All competitors must register in person to sign on and collect event numbers, etc.
  • Competitors for the Kielder 101 will be able to leave a drop bag* with the organisers
  • All riders must of watched the rider briefing prior to sign on

*Drop Bags – see Riders Briefing Notes

Saturday 16th September 2017

  • Registration will be open from 06:00-07:00 for those travelling on the day.
  • The start area at Kielder Castle will be open to competitors from 0830hrs
  • Mechanical support at the event start for last minute tweaks
  • The Kielder 101 will be a massed start behind a lead vehicle at 0900hrs
  • The Border Challenge will start in smaller groups at 0915hrs
  • There will be clearly marked ‘finishing time’ zones for riders at the start
  • The Kielder 101 will be neutralised, behind the vehicle, for the first few km to allow riders to settle into their pace. Road crossings and three short neutralised sections on the route will be signed and marshaled
  • Two ‘cut-offs’ at 36km and 80km will be used for the Kielder 101 (see rider brief page)
  • There will be a category prize presentation at 1600hrs at the Castle for Kielder 101 riders
  • There will be a prize draw presentation at approximately 1730hrs for all riders – you must be there in person to collect your prize!
  • The Dukes Pantry will be open throughout the day serving food

Rider Briefing

Rider briefing will be uploaded here 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Our Rules of the Road

Riders can register between 1630 – 2130hrs on the Friday and 06:00 – 07:00 on the Saturday.

All riders MUST view the event briefing presentation which will be played on a constant loop at the event centre before signing on. This will be a short presentation and should allow riders to have more time to set up at the campsite etc.

The course takes in many sections of Red graded trail. We therefore recommend regular MTB’s, Fatbikes, Singlespeed and Monster Cross Bikes, all should be fitted with front/rear discs and with a minimum tyre width of 40c.

Compulsory Kit

All Riders MUST carry the equipment on the compulsory kit list, this is a challenging and remote route, it is for your safety and it will be checked. Riders who do not have the correct equipment will not be allowed to start.

  • Clothing: A windproof jacket (waterproof if the forecast is for rain)
  • Food: Fluid for minimum of 90 minutes of riding – we recommend 2 large water bottles at least; enough food to see you through each section of the route (we advise eating and drinking regularly throughout the event)
  • Spares: a pump, spare tubes, basic tools, spare brake pads (please make sure you know how to use them)
  • Emergency Equipment: a plastic whistle; emergency foil blanket; some money

The Start and Timing

The start area will be blocked into ‘expected’ finish time zones and there will be a red group at the front for faster riders Please follow any instructions from Race Organisation, Forestry Commission Staff and Event Marshals at all times on the course There will be several ‘manned’ checkpoints around the course. Riders must register their timing chip at each point to show they have completed the course. Failure to do so will invalidate any time and prevents us from knowing who is out on the course.

At the Finish all riders must hand in their timing chip, so that we know who is off the course. This is important for safety and prevents us from sending out a search party.

Lost, damaged or unreturned timing chips will be charged at a cost of £30.00.

The Course

There will be a couple of short ‘Neutralised Sections’ around villages and on small public roads/Byeways. Please follow the Highway Code, ride sensibly with respect to other road users and do not overtake. The beginning/end of each section will be clearly marked.

The event has a road crossings which will be marshaled. Riders MUST dismount and cross when the road is clear of traffic.

There will be a ‘cut-off’ point at 36km (The first Border Crossing) and at 80km for the Kielder 101.  Times will be published in the rider briefing based upon expected conditions.  This is for rider safety and will be strictly adhered to. Riders missing this will be directed via The Border Challenge Route or The Lakeside Trail back to the start.

Anyone retiring from the race must only do so at one of the manned feed stations and must notify the marshals. Marshals will then issue instructions about returning to the event start/finish.

Riding Responsibly

The course and junctions will be clearly marked with event arrows and tape (examples at Registration). Please be aware that you need to look out for the direction markers at junctions. It is your responsibility to make sure you remain on course. We cannot be held responsible for riders who do not stick to the event route.

Whilst riding please look out for each other and offer assistance where you can. If you are unable to help please report any problems to the next marshal.

Please do not leave/drop litter, there will be bins at each marshal point.

Make sure that you ride within your abilities at all times and show courtesy to other trail users – a cheery voice goes a long way.

Please allow other riders to overtake if necessary. Some board walk sections are narrow and are railed – please proceed with care.


  • Riders are only allowed to use one bike for the duration of the event
  • There will be ‘Mechanical Support’ stations on the route. Riders who access these will be required to give their name/number and will be expected to pay for the service and parts
  • The Kielder 101 course has 3 feed stations at 24, 50 and 80km (two for the Border Challenge at 24 and 45km) and will provide water, juice, bananas, flapjacks and a few savoury nibbles. Simple refreshments will be provided as well as fluids, but these should not be relied on as the ONLY source of food. 101 Riders will be allowed to hand in a drop bag which will be taken to the 50km feed station on their behalf
  • Kielder 101 Drop Bags are for riders to transport any specific drink powders/gels/energy bar products to the main feed station (50km) as we appreciate that these are highly personal. A bag will be provided. Please do not include water bottles or liquids as we would be unable to transport this amount of kit for all riders.

making a weekend of it

Kielder Forest is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. So why not make a weekend of it? Apart from the awesome riding there are a number of things for the family and for recovering riders.

  • A trip to the famous Kielder Dark Sky Observatory
  • Cycle around the undulating Lakeside Way Trail
  • Watersports and Ferry Trips
  • Sculpture Trails
  • A wide range of walks

see: www.visitkielder.com for more information.

Terms and Conditions 

The Terms and Conditions detailed below apply to all entrants participating in the Kielder101 and Border Challenge.  

Completion of an entry form or purchase of an entry by every participant acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participant. 

1.    Riders are required to attend a start line briefing and read briefing notes and sign to confirm that they agree to abide by the instructions given.

2.    All riders must be self-supported.  The event organisers and staff are not responsible for your preparedness while riding the course.

3.    You should ensure that both yourself and your bike are in a serviceable state to complete the event you are entered in to.

4.    Each participant, upon signing the registration form, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding the distance they have chosen. If, during the event, they decide to change their route and distance, then all consequences of this action are theirs.

5.    If the situation arises that you are in an accident and are not capable of making the decision to call the emergency services, the rider agrees that a member of the organisation or a member of the public/other rider may call for them.

6.    At any time pre, during, and post event, riders must conduct themselves in a manner that does not discredit themselves or the event organisers. Riders must be considerate to other users of bridleways, tracks, byways and public ways when riding on and off road.

7.    Riders are expected to respect the countryside that the event travels through. It should be remembered that this is both a working landscape and home to many communities. Riders stopping for a comfort break are asked to do so discretely and appropriately and not to cause any offence to local residents or other riders.

8.    There may be sections of public road included within the course.  You must obey all Highway Code rules.

9.    Riders whilst participating in the event must do so wearing a helmet complying with latest EN1078, ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards. Any rider not conforming with this term will not be allowed to start or will be removed from the event if started.

10. Riders must carry the minimum required equipment for the full duration of the course.  Spot checks may be used to ensure rider safety.

11. The organisers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event. This will be considered should access to the event or sufficient portions of the course be deemed too dangerous due to severe adverse weather conditions or due to any other scenario that makes the event not viable.

12. The participant accepts that the event they are entering is not a race in any format.

13. The Event Registration Form must be completed by a person aged 18 years or over. This event is not open to riders under 16.

14. All riders are covered by third party insurance for the duration of the event. The cost of this is included in your entry fee. In addition, Focal Events are covered by public liability insurance.

15. Organisers cannot take responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions during the event.

16. During the event, there will be warning signs at appropriate points on the trails or roads used for this event. Absence of these signs does not signal there are no dangers approaching and it is the individual rider’s responsibility to make a decision regarding whether to ride a section or not. The marking of the route does not necessarily indicate that the trail or road is rideable and the participant is deemed to make their own decision about whether to proceed on bike, foot or not at all.

17. Riders are expected not to drop or leave any litter on any part of the route and to dispose of it responsibly at an appropriate place or bin. Any rider found littering will be disqualified from the event.

18. Each participant will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by the rider. This includes, but is not exclusive to, fees from Police, Air Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and the Ambulance service.

19. Each participant hereby grants to Focal Events an exclusive, absolute and irrevocable worldwide assignment in perpetuity in the photographs/film/video/electronic representations and/or sound recordings of the participant obtained at the event and grants to Focal Events the right to use and publish such content in any and all media. The participant hereby releases Focal Events from any and all liability from such use and promotion. The participant hereby authorises the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs/film/video tapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings without limitation at the discretion of Focal Events. The participant specifically waives any right to any compensation they may have for appearing in any of the photographs/film/video/electronic representations and/or sound recordings of the participant at a Focal Events event.

20. In the event that a participant fails to complete the course for any reason they agree to return to or call the event centre before the close of the event and report to a member of staff. Not doing so will mean that a search may be organised and the subsequent cost will be billed to the rider.

21. Riders may apply for a 100% refund (up to) 6 weeks prior to the event and a 50% refund (up to) 4 weeks prior to the event.  There will be no refunds or transfer of entry after a date 4 weeks before the event.  All refunds will incur a £5 administrative fee.  Entries are non-transferable.

22. An acceptable charge for any loss or damage caused by a rider to timing equipment will be made.