Back to the very sharp end of the race this week as we question last years winner, Tom Wragg.

Tom was so quick last year he caught the early morning course checkers who had 2 hours head start! (ed: we were enjoying the views)

K101 1_0002

What was your favourite section of single track?
I’m a big fan of the trails over at Newcastleton, I’ve done a lot of racing around there most notably a 12hr back in 2012 and you never forget that, so I could really open up the taps!

How did you find out about the 101?
Having completed the original Kielder 100 I’d been waiting for someone bring it back, and a Facebook group I was a member of for that gave me the heads up!

What bike and setup would you recommend?
I did a pretty good job of breaking my spine in 7 places in 2011 (not bike related) so it’s full suspension only for me regardless of the course, but in all honesty here it felt like an advantage as I managed to break away on the descents.

Would you ride again in 2016?
Definitely, plus I won a free entry so it would be rude not to!

What was the most fun part of the event?
The fact it’s a single lap, it makes it feel so much more of an adventure. Also the faster riders get a clear track and people taking it more leisurely don’t have to deal with them coming past, it’s a win win.

What would be your tip for new riders?
Pace yourself, don’t be afraid to let riders go at the start, the rider at the top of the first climb often doesn’t stay there! Oh and take some insect repellent!

What animal best describes your riding style?
Probably a T-Rex, big legs with a small upper body to keep me sat down churning it out, if you see me out of the saddle up a climb you know I’m hurting.