Here at Focal Events we embrace the diversity of cycling.  We love the fat and the thin, the 26 to the 29 and the rigid to the fully suspended.

The Kielder 101 promotes diversity through as many race categories as possible.  This week we quiz David Glover, a man who has managed to successfully mate a CX bike with a MTB to produce his class winning Monstercross set up.


K101 2_0050

What was your favourite section of single track?
There was loads of good stuff, hard to remember specific bits. I don’t know any names but I recall a wee section near the start before crossing back over the road north of the campsite. Nice wee bit with a climb and flowy descent through some open woodland.

How did you find out about the 101?
Facebook I think

What bike and setup would you recommend?
I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but I rode a singlespeed Cotic Escapade monstercross last year with 41mm rear and 47mm front tyre with flared Salsa Woodchipper drops bars. I got a couple of punctures on the rear over the rough bits near the first border crossing so this year I’m beefing up with 47mm on the rear and 2inch on the front. Both tubeless this year.
If I was sensible I’d probably ride my Felt Edict short travel full suss 29er. But where is the fun in being sensible?

Would you ride again in 2016?
I have to. I’ve got a monstercross title to defend!

What was the most fun part of the event?
Smashing past loads of folk on the climb back up to the border out of Newcastleton. That climb is singlespeed bread n butter.

What would be your tip for new riders?
If you want to approach it as a race then, as many in my club (Mukyriderz Cycling Club) would say, “Ride it like you stole it!”
If its more for fun then take it easy, enjoy the scenery and make the most of the fuel stops!

What animal best describes your riding style?
Best question – probably something single-minded that can keep a decent pace over most terrain, up or down. Mountain hare maybe.