This week another rider is grilled about their unhealthy addiction to suffering on two wheels.

We introduce Jason ‘Tortoise’ Woodhouse.  Jason is a man whose riding usually spans thousands of miles and multiple days. We were interested to find out what brought Jason to the 101 and how he found starting and finishing an event on the same day in the same country.


What was your favourite section of single track?
I’m not sure I had one, the full route was challenging and relentless and kept me on my toes. The fast rolling single track sections towards the start of the route however were an awesome reward after the initial sharp climb out from Kielder Castle.

How did you find out about the 101?
A friend suggested it and promised it was “easy” – typically as an endurance road rider I think our definitions of easy differ just a tad ! – I think I invented a dictionary of new swear words by the end of the ride ! A fantastic challenge for all levels of mountain bike rider.

What bike and setup would you recommend?
Last year I rode a 29er plus set-up which was extremely forgiving on the gravel sections and rooty stuff, a lot of people on fat bikes appeared to have the same experience. However, this year I’m going to be riding a full suss trail bike with 650b wheels running low pressure tyres. Hopefully I’ll keep most of the speed of the 29er and still float over some of the forest roots at lower pressure.

Would you ride again in 2016?
Definitely. I’m lacking in common sense and a sucker for an adventure.

What was the most fun part of the event?
The final descents after a relentless gravelly switch back climb. The end was near after a day of challenge and the special Kielder 101 beer ahead was cold.

What would be your tip for new riders?
Its’ a long ride, go at your own pace if you can’t talk you’re going too fast, if you can give a speech get a move on – Keep moving, keep your sugars, fluids and caffeine up.

What animal best describes your riding style?
I’d love to say a panther or otherwise sexy sounding race beast, but definitely a tortoise. I’m used to long distance multi-day riding whereby I’m steady but keep plodding.


Thanks Jason, see you in September and keep on plodding.